Monday, May 7, 2012


I know, I know….I’m a slacker! I’m posting this a day later than normal. Who’d have thought that staying home with the baby can be so tiring? I ran my booty off all weekend trying to keep up with her (which would also explain the name of this blog)! She’s become quit the little speed demon (and my husband wondered why I baby proofed the whole downstairs).

Speaking of baby proofing; just today Hailey ran into the dining room and came back into the kitchen with outlet covers in hand (I think she can get those puppies out faster than I can). She’s been able to get them out for a while, but thank goodness she doesn’t normally mess with them. Obviously mommy isn’t allowed to do anything else when she’s up…or she’s looking for trouble in order to get my attention. I mentioned to my friend on the phone what she did and what did little missy do next…she went hunting around the downstairs to find more outlet covers to pull! I’m thinking it’s probably time to just take the ineffective outlet covers out. I would love to be able to put these expensive ones throughout the house, but with my luck she'd figure those out too!

On a brighter note, I think little bit is going to have a green thumb like her mommy…we went and got flowers for the flower pots by the front door and planted them on Saturday. She loved playing with the dirt and flower pots…the only problem was…she kept wanting to take the flowers back out! It’s so cute, every time I turn around she wants to go outside and look at the flowers. Just wait till mommy gets really motivated to work on those flower beds and then she’ll have all kinds of pretty flowers to look at!

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