Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I just want to take a minute to thank all the men and women who serve us every day….thanks guys!

Last week was a bit crazy with school ending for the year and the oldest one graduating from high school. Congrats Tony!! Our niece also graduated so the grandparents came up and we had a very nice dinner at a local family-style Italian restaurant….lots of yummy food was had by all. Hailey did pretty well with all the upheaval and not getting to bed till 10. I was a little worried about that one! Of course, we were still up bright and early the next morning thanks to our little alarm clock.

Ahhhhh….I can now say those relaxing days of summer have begun (well as relaxing as they can be with a toddler)! We spent the whole extended weekend off and on at the pool and cooking on the grill. Of course right now the kids are all about it….in a couple weeks we are going to have to start looking for other things to add to the repertoire. This isn’t always easy when you have these kinds of age ranges going on!

One great thing about living in the south is we get to enjoy those warm sunny days a lot longer throughout the year.

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