Sunday, June 3, 2012

Screaming Mimis

And this is what I did on my mini mom-cation (the baby is asleep and the rest of the family is at the movies)...anyways, on to the post....

Uh huh… the older kids thought it was funny to yell at the baby any time she would yell because every time they’d do it…she would copy them. That was until yesterday! We were driving to the shoe store and Target and they got it in their heads that if the baby was yelling in the store that mommy wouldn’t want to stay very long. Well, they got what they wanted, but they didn’t stop to consider that they wouldn’t be very happy with the outcome either! (The oldest tried to bail and go to Starbucks…I was like oh hell no….you started it, you can deal with the outcome with everyone else)

All I kept thinking as we were walking through the store was: OMG, I’m one of those moms with one of those children that everyone looks at and shakes their heads.
Needless to say....they won't  be yelling at the baby again any time soon! (So maybe this little outing from hell was worth it)

What I’ve gradually come to discover over the last couple days is that my little darling (who likes to do EVERYTHING early) has decided to grace us with the terrible two’s early. Joy…joy.

I’ve been so excited every time Hailey would do her milestones early; however, this is one I could do without…. Please, for all that is holy let this be a very short phase in our lives! J Where oh where has my little angel gone? Just in the last couple days she’s turned into an even bossier and independent little tyrant. How exactly do you reason with a 15 month old…..problem is….YOU DON’T!
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