Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Did ya miss me?

I’ve been so dog sick I thought it might actually be possible for the germs to transmit through the internet….LOL Yes, the girls passed me their nasty germs. We were so sick over the weekend that I didn’t even get dressed till yesterday! I know…that’s bad. So obviously I didn’t leave the confines of the house till Monday…YIKES! Can we say STIR CRAZY?

I’m finally starting to feel better so I figured I better get on here and let ya’ll know I’m still alive and that I officially made it a month of daily postings…and just in the nick of time too! Cause there was no way I was gonna post this last weekend.

 I hope everyone is avoiding all the nasty little bugs that are currently all over the place and getting all your holiday stuff done! Fa la la la la la lots of shopping to do....
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  1. Oh no so sorry that you are sick! I hope you get to feeling 100% better soon! :)

  2. Thanks Jen....we are all slowly getting there...


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