Friday, December 14, 2012

The girl finally saw the big man...

Between all of us getting sick and other stuff…I hadn’t taken Hailey to see Santa yet this year. Well that was until yesterday…she was so excited. We’ve been watching all kinds of Christmas shows and of course her normal shows have had Christmas stuff as well (all in preparation for the big day).

I don’t think she has quite got the presents and Santa connection yet, but after Christmas this go round I’m 100% positive she will.

Anywho…we went to our local mall (they always have an awesome Santa and scenery set up). I figured I’d scope it out and see how busy they were cause there is NO WAY I’m standing in some super long line with this one. I couldn’t believe it, there was only one family ahead of us. Hailey could hardly contain herself to wait and mommy made the mistake of letting her out of the stroller...thank goodness we didn’t have to wait long!

 It was funny, the little girls ahead of us weren’t too pleased about visiting with Santa and then the little one after us had a complete melt down.

Hailey must be some kind of Santa wonder or something because the Santa kept commenting on how good she was (and I mean like over and over). I guess after we saw the last little girl have a total cow it kinda makes sense.  

Hope you guys are getting all your Christmas stuff finished up…
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  1. Apparently it's quite rare to have children not scream and cry with Santa haha.

    Love the pictures!

  2. Those pics are too cute! I keep debating taking PJ to see Santa, I'm just so worried we'll end up waiting in line & then she won't go anywhere near him! I might have to test the waters while we're out shopping this weekend though :)

    1. I'd go for never know till you try and eventually they'll be fine with it!


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