Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Should have taken my own advice…

Ok, so as many of you know…a couple weeks ago I was talking about how I’d made the decision to keep Hailey out of the gym and aka germ infested daycare. The hubby talked me into taking all the kids to the gym a little over a week ago and we’ve all been sick ever since. Can we say arrrgghhhhh?? We can…and we can even say it again…arrrgghhhh!


Hailey got sick first and the rest of us soon followed. THIS would be the reason I’ve been so scarce on here for the last week. Not to mention, the hubby ended up being sick and getting a root canal all in the same week. Sooooo, can ya tell what kinda week I’ve had?

Come on spring…I am so looking forward to being able to have the windows open and feel like some fresh air is circulating through this sick infested house.

I hope ya’ll are getting over your illnesses and are on the mend!

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  1. Oh no! :( Thats not good at all. Hope you all get better.

    1. Thank ya ma'am...hopefully we are on that way....crossin' my fingers


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