Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hailey's Garden

For the last week I have been working like a mad woman on a private little garden/play area for Hailey. (The child loves to be outside.)We have a nice sized back yard with a privacy fence, but it’s a pain in the booty to get her down there. Not to mention we have to share the space with the dogs. Not exactly ideal for a little one…this would be why we never go out there!

So anyway, last week I came up with the idea to turn our unused (and yes, I hate to admit, overgrown and weedy side yard) into a great place for her to play. It’s ideal because it’s almost totally surrounded by privacy fence on the back side and houses on either side. The front has several trees that almost block it from view from the street. It’s like her very own secret garden (I always loved that book).

I started planning and working on it like a crazy person, not to mention recruiting the oldest (through bribery of course) to help in the area of muscle and his truck.

My starting points for the flower bad were some hydrangeas from my mother-in-law’s house. I’ve known for a while I wanted to get and now I had figured out exactly where to put them. They can be kind of persnickety about where you put them (but that’s for another post).

As you can see in the pics….it’s still a work in progress, but waaaaayyyyy better than where it started from! I wish I’d taken before pics. I always kick myself afterwards for not doing that.

I think she likes it!!!

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  1. With summer upon us I understand why you want to set up a play area for Hailey. I like how you situated it under a shady tree. Good idea. I sure it will be great when you are done.
    I am following you from the Weekend Blog Walk and hope you follow back.

  2. Thanks. We have a large yard, but not much shade. This side area of the house gets the most shade out of the day and usually a nice breeze as well. I will hop right on over!

  3. My two boys love to be outside as well, it looks like a great place to her to play, especially since it has shade! Adorable photos :)

  4. Thank you, she just loves to be outside. If it's rainy or EXTREMELY hot (like it is right now....YIKES 108 today)it makes it really difficult. We were able to get out there for a bit this morning...


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