Monday, July 30, 2012

Playground smackdown....naaah...What’s your neighborhood personality?

Isn’t it funny how every neighborhood or playground has its own very special personality. What I mean is, the people that make up that place all seem to have the same kind of viewpoint towards others (i.e. open and friendly or kind of just acknowledging one another). I love those neighborhoods where you drive down the street and everyone waves (even if they don’t recognize you).

Cobb Co Parks
Well the toddler area of the park I take Hailey to usually has this very open and friendly vibe in the mornings with lots of moms with little ones right around her age….it’s awesome! Everyone gets along and talks to each other (even if we haven’t met before) It’s sorta like an informal mom’s group.

Not this morning though, yikes! I should have known the minute we walked into the park. First, there were two moms there together with their little ones that seemed to be snubbing everyone else. When they went to leave, they left the gate wide open! What the heck…just because your little angels aren’t here anymore doesn’t mean the rest of us want our kids to run out into the parking lot! There is a sort of unspoken park etiquette, which obviously some don’t think applies to them.

Teen Mom
The next little unfriendly incident was a mom with two little girls, one a little older than Hailey and the other was 4 or 5. Hailey is one of the friendliest and outgoing babies you will ever meet…she likes to go and great all the other little kids. On one such mission, she decided to go play with the above mentioned little girls. Needless to say it didn’t go so well. The little girl that was Hailey’s age was winey and unfriendly and the mom wasn’t any better. I even tried talking to her; at first she just ignored me and when she finally answered me it was very abruptly. HELLO, if ya don’t want to socialize or talk to anyone then maybe you shouldn’t have come here!

Ok, I’m done venting now…thanks for the audience. J

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    Luv that last photo Haha


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  2. Found you via Mommy Mix-Up...the playgrounds with moms can be even worse than junior high sometimes, right?! Looking forward to reading more! Hope you stop by our blog, The Chirping Moms!


    1. Julie,

      Thanks so much for stopping by... I know it can get ug...leeee! I will hop on over to your blog.



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