Monday, October 1, 2012

Pin it Monday - Battle of the cleaners

My mission in life here lately has been to find the best cleaners at the best possible prices. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from trying out what Pinterest had to offer.  
Over the last couple weeks I’ve tried out several different ones that tout that they are the best at cleaning showers. I HATE cleaning showers and honestly it’s not the first thing that comes to my mind (unless I’m in it, but by that time I’m not gonna jump out to get something to clean it with).

The spray bottle in the background is my lavender sanitizing it!
On to the contestants:

The first one I tried (I’ll call it recipe A) was a recipe that you mixed up and put in a spray bottle.


1C water

1C vinegar

2T castile soap

10 drops essential oil (I used lemon)


The cleaning process was to spray the shower down after each time it was used. I used this recipe for several weeks and saw no noticeable differences from using it versus not using anything at all. In my opinion it was a complete waste of time.

However, the second recipe (I’ll call this one recipe B) was brief and to the point….more importantly, it works! This one called for equal parts blue Dawn liquid dish detergent and vinegar that you mix up into a handheld dish scrubber. The first time I used it, I made sure to do a thourough cleaning and rinsed it well.
I now keep it in the shower and use it every time I take a shower. I can already see and feel a difference. I will definitely be sticking with this one!
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  1. Great to know. Thanks for sharing! :-) xoxo

  2. wow, would have never guessed! Thanks I pined it for ya!

  3. Good to know! I love your blogs background! following back and thanks for following HomePayge blog:)



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