Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Weirdest Things

I don't know about your kids, but mine sometimes get excited about the weirdest things. Now don't get me wrong when they're SUPER cheap it's not a big deal...nor am I complaining. We made Hailey a bracelet out of duct tape and she LOVES it! Can ya tell?

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  1. Replies
    1. She picked out the pattern and loved helping me make it...who'd a thunk it??

  2. That's funny, mine is the same way too! Keeps him busy and easily entertained though :)

    I wanted to invite you to stop by our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Friday night till the end of Monday. Come link up this weekend if you have time!

    1. Sorry I missed your hop this weekend...we've been busy, busy! Hope it went well and I'll have to check it out.


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