Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog Angel Final

This week we are wrapping up the month, enjoying the Halloween festivities and finishing up the Blog Angel project. Rosie @ Craftbotic Q is the brains and workhorse behind this whole Blog Angel thing and does an awesome job! I sooooo wouldn’t want to have to keep up with all those folks!

I do wish I had taken part in this at a time when all of us weren’t quite so busy with the holidays and all coming up. I know how hectic my life can be and some of my fellow bloggy girls are feeling the pinch as well.

Megan (from Memoirs of Megan) and I got off to a slow start for those reasons, but we’ve made up for it in record time! I just hope that my input has given her some ideas and a different perspective to help her out.

Megan’s main concerns were: How to gain followers, advertise, promote giveaways and then help in promoting her and Heather from Cookies for Breakfast ‘s new blog hop. It starts this week (Tuesday) and is called The Mommy Confessions. I think these concerns are ones that ALL of us have had at one point and time. I figured I could just copy one of my emails to Megan and it might help someone else that comes across it…This is what I said:

Hey Megan,

When I first started this thing, I literally had NO clue what I was doing. I would look at lots of fellow bloggers' sites and see what I liked and didn’t on each (this also included what each of them did to advertise and get followers. It's amazing to me all the girls that started at roughly the same time as I did and how far each of us has come! Personally, I've joined lots of hops (some weeks you won't get much of anything from and then others you'll get a ton). I don't know about you, but trying to remember which ones are on which days is the hardest thing! I constantly look for new hops with different people in them.

 I've done several button swaps (if you want to do that...I'm game). One of the biggest things is doing giveaways...I haven't invested much monetarily into my blog for this either. As for the design part of my blog, if I see something I want for my blog...I figure out how to do it myself! For promoting giveaways....I've done all of mine with a group of other bloggers. Twitter & Facebook are HUGE for advertising giveaways!

I would love to join up on your link on Tuesday...just send me an email when it goes live...or right before! I have a hard time keeping up with remembering all the bloggy stuff in addition to everyday life.

 I hope that was helpful...if you think of anything else...I'm just an email away!


Aren’t ya’ll glad I don’t normally type this much in every post?? J
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