Monday, November 19, 2012

The big reveal!

Woo hoo the day is here to show ya’ll our new downstairs bathroom. I’m sitting here wondering as I write this post…is it sad how many times a day I stop to admire my new bathroom? That’s totally what it is…it doesn’t even remotely look anything like it did before. It amazes me how much bigger it seems…

I’ll quit blathering on and get to the nitty gritty. As ya’ll saw from an earlier post I had a plethora of colors to choose from in the Benjamin Moore Aura paint series (if you didn’t see that post you can look here…if you’re new and have NO idea what I’m even talking about you can also find the before pics here).

I had so many mini projects to put into this one small bathroom I don’t even know where to start….I’m sure my pics aren’t even doing it justice either! First and foremost I want to thank the Academy…no, no the Buzz Agent people and Benjamin Moore people who got my booty shakin’ to get this project started and completed (not to mention the free paint)!

Before I started anything I had to pick a color…this was no easy feat with the thousands of colors to pick from ( I finally chose a yellowy green color called Anjou pear)…once I started narrowing the colors down I was able to find my beautiful new valance (by Waverly from Lowes) and start looking for accessories.  I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune on decorating but wanted a Pottery Barn/ cottagey/ shabby chic type look.

I found all kinds of stuff at home that I wasn’t using or in other rooms of the house…not to mention repurposing stuff I bought. The new shelf is actually a Pottery Barn shelf that I refinished with homemade chalk paint. The light fixture was one we had from one of the rental properties that I painted (with Rustoleum in oiled bronze).



I had to take my time to do this room…the walls were in horrible shape. This was the very first room when we initially got this house that I bandaged up a bit for us to get by. Needless to say it got put to the wayside. I pretty much had to skim coat the whole room…did I tell ya’ll that I had to do the ceiling as well….joy, joy!


This paint was amazing with low smell and great coverage. Like I said in my sneak peak the other day…I was beyond concerned after the first coat that a) the color wasn’t what I picked out and b) it wasn’t going to cover that dark green (they guarantee 2 coat coverage). I was SUPER relieved to say the least! I do have to say I balked at the price of the paint initially, but when you consider how well it does and that it includes the primer…it’s not too far off base. The company also guarantees that the color will match the paint chip.  

I hope you guys like it….I know I love it! If anyone has any questions about any of the mini projects…just let me know! What’s your current project that you’re working on or wanting to get started?

Below are some before/after comparisons.

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