Monday, November 26, 2012

Resorting to the list…

Ok, ya know I’ve put my post to the last minute or am totally having writers block if I resort to the post prompt list. Not that I think they’re a bad idea…they’re not. I just usually end up with better posts on my own.
The actual Dracula...ick

Today’s post prompt was: “Do you speak more than one language? How did you learn the additional languages?”

Why yes, yes I do know more than one language. Don’t we all? I had to do a language in both high school and college. I learned Spanish in high school and then in college I decided to do something a little different and took Romanian. Yes, Romanian. Is that totally off and bizarre or what? It would have been a heck of a lot easier if I’d just continued with Spanish, but oh no….I had to make it difficult. LOL

I know...when most of us think of Romania....we think Dracula. I however think Dracula and about all the stuff I learned while in the my language class.

The more hot version I'd rather think of!
It was actually really fun and interesting…I’m dating myself here, but at the time I was taking it my professors had escaped Romania right before all the issues with Ceausescu. He was a Communist leader in Romania that was hated by the Romanian people for good reason.

By the end of Ceausescu’s reign the control over the people of Romania was so strict that phone bugging was the norm and one in three people were informants for the government. His secret police maintained strict controls over free speech and the media… there were drastic shortages of food, medicines, and other basic necessities that drove the people to the point of near starvation.

Another big issue at this time was the ban on birth control. This caused a HUGE issue of abandoned children that were left neglected in orphanages. Many of these children were adopted here into the U.S. after the fall of Ceausescu.

Now that ya’ll had your blog history lesson of the day….

How many and what languages do ya’ll know?
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  1. Wow crazy! I know Spanish and English plus a little bit of German.

    1. Totally crazy stuff, but it definately made learning the language more interesting and relevent.

  2. Wow that's awesome! I never moved on from Spanish I barely learned any in school (lost our spanish 2 teacher and they didn't have a replacement lol)

    I'd love to learn another language though I hope to teach my son spanish or enroll him in some sort of class to help him learn.


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