Thursday, November 29, 2012

Out the window!

It doesn’t matter what you have planned or how organized you are….when your kids get sick everything else goes out the window! As most of you are probably now guessing yes I had sick duty today. Livie has an Upper Respiratory Infection and Hailey has a stomach bug….JOY.

Needless to say mommy had the sick sister watch today. My poor little pathetic babies…. They were a sight to see and YES I do have pics (is that evil of me or what?). LOL, they don’t care Hailey even hammed it up a bit.
So in other words ya’ll get a last minute post, but at least you get pics…right?

Now mommy's main goal is to try to avoid getting either child's ailment...we'll see how this goes!
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  1. Awww poor things! I hope they feel better.

    1. Thank ya ma'am...Hailey ate today so that's definately an improvement, but of course now mommy is starting to feel the crud!


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