Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hot diggity

I love it when the hubby has the same mindset about something as I do…it makes life sooooo much easier! Especially when it comes to a new TV for the bedroom. Can we say early Christmas present...why yes, yes we can.
Yea, yea…I know you’re not supposed to watch TV, play on the computer, etc. etc. in bed.

If I actually listened to that bunch of hooey ya’ll would never get any posts from me. Cause the only time I can get any peace and quiet to actually put a sentence together is to sit right here and write on the laptop.

Anyhwho…with all my blathering on about not going out into the black Friday madness…as soon as the hubby said: “hey, ya wanna go get a new TV for our bedroom”…I was like when we leavin’? Granted, this was in the afternoon after all the downright craziness was going on. Boy did I hear some stories about all that too…all I can say is to quite Hailey and say….dude, seriously!

Speaking of the girl….can these teeth please come through all ready….ai caramba!
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  1. Awesome!! We have a tv in our room always have it's nice to have when I don't feel good and can't sleep.

    She's such a doll!

    1. Thank ya ma'am...we've always had some form of a TV in our room, but now we have 40" of flat screen HD awesomness. LOL,,,prolly a little much for our bedroom...but they're so darn cheap now!

  2. I love having a tv in our room...makes it so nice to be lazy in bed haha. :)


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