Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pork…it’s what we had for dinner!

Yes I know…I’ve had a slew of food posts on here lately. Can ya blame me…it IS that time of year where you eat all kinds of food and try not to suffer the consequences! I will be spending all kinds of hours at the gym over the next couple weeks so I can continue to ENJOY and not feel guilty about it too (YES, I did stick out my tongue...)!

I work out so I can eat what I want, well and so I can get rid of the rest of the baby weight. Thank goodness it’s almost all gone! But I digress…ya’ll I’m sure are wondering what my lovely title is referring to.

As one of my buzz campaigns I received a package with coupons for pork, directions and recipes on cooking it and a lovely digital meat thermometer. Who ever thought I’d be excited about a meat thermometer? Not I, but I was. I love getting stuff in the mail and over the last couple weeks I’ve been invited to all kinds of buzz campaigns. How can a girl say no….this leads me to having to play catch up which I’m not too fond of.

One of things I loved about the package is the descriptions it had on the different cuts and cooking times. For me, it’s always hard to remember these things off the top of my head or to find a quick reference.

On to the meal!  I decided to do pork tenderloin that I seasoned and cooked in the oven at 425 degrees for 28 minutes.  While I was cooking that I also put in the homemade macaroni and cheese and cooked some rice. Towards the end of the cooking time I stuck the bread in to crisp and steamed some fresh veggies.

It was obviously a hit around here…there were NO LEFTOVERS! That’s always a good sign.



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  1. "I work out so I can eat what I want" <--- I hear yah!

    Looks really gooood! Nom! What kind of seasoning did you use for the pork?

    1. LOL...Sea Salt, fresh cracked pepper, garlic and onion. I like to keep it somewhat simple.

  2. Pork tenderloin is such a fantastic meal. The gravy alone is just UNF delish!

    1. I love it and it doesn't really take that long either.


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