Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet tooth monster

I do believe I’ve unleashed a monster….a sweet tooth monster that is! The girl had never even really had anything sweet (other than fruit) until Halloween this year. Even at that she didn’t really have much other than gummies. (Trust me….the little boss-bucket knows where those are kept.)

I know I’m constantly saying how she’s my mini me…well I think it’s complete. To say sweets are my downfall would be true…and now I do believe they are Hailey’s as well…

Today I did groceries and bought some peppermint bark…..YUMMY! I should know better than to buy that stuff…its evil incarnate. Every time I pass it…I look at it longingly…LOL. You think I’m kidding!

So tonight after Hailey ate her dinner I let her have a bite of the coveted peppermint bark. That was all it took and she was hooked. One bite was definitely not enough for her… every couple minutes she was back at the counter and saying…”more candy.” Then she’d look at me and bat her big ole baby blues and say, “please mommy.”

The girl can work it already!

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